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O virgo splendens
An Anonymous Composer
Recorded in Performance November 4, 2007
Collegium Cantorum
From El Llibre Vermell de Montserrat
O Virgo splendens
hic in monte celso
miraculis serrato,
fulgentibus ubique
quem fideles conscendunt universi.
Eia, pietatis
oculo placato,
cerne ligatos fune peccatorum
ne infernorum
ictibus graventur
sed cum beatis tua
prece vocentur.
   O Virgin resplendent, here on the
high mountain gleaming with shining
wonders, where believers from
everywhere ascend. Ah, with your
peaceful, holy eye behold those
bound in the bond of sinners, let
them not suffer from the blows of
the nether world, but by your
prayer let them be called with the

Recording © Copyright 2007 Cantare, Inc. All rights reserved.

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