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Considera Israel
Pierre de la Rue
(c. 1452 - 1518) 
Recorded in Performance November 16, 2008
Collegium Cantorum
Prima pars    First part
Considera Israel pro his qui mortui sunt
super excelsa tua vulnerati inclyti Israel
super montes tuos interfecti sunt: quomodo
ceciderunt fortes? Nolite annunciare in
Geth, neque annuncietis in compitis
Ascalonis: ne forte laetentur ne exultent
filiae incircumcisorum. Montes Gelboae,
nec ros, nex pluvia veniant super vos,
neque sint agri primitiarum: quia ibi
abjectus est clypeus fortium clypeus Saul
quasi non esset unctus oleo. A sanguine
interfectorum ab adipe fortium,
   Contemplate, Israel, those who are dead
upon your heights, the renowned of Israel
wounded and killed upon your mountains.
How have the mighty fallen? Announce it
not in Geth, nor announce it in the
crossroads of Ashkelon, that the daughters
of the uncircumcised not loudly rejoice
nor exult. Mountains of Gelboa, let
neither dew nor rain come over you, of the
field let there be no yield: for there was
the shield of the mighty cast down, the
shield of Saul, as if not anointed with
oil. From the blood of the slain, from
the fat of the mighty,
Secunda pars    Second part
Sagitta Jonathae nunquam rediit retrorsum
et gladius Saul non est reversus inanis.
Saul et Jonathas amabiles, et decori valde
in vita sua, in morte quoque non sunt
divisi: aquilis velociores, leonibus
   The arrow of Jonathan never turned back,
and the sword of Saul did not return empty.
Saul and Jonathan beloved, and very lovely
in life, and in death they are not divided:
swifter than eagles, mightier than lions.
Tertia pars    Third part
Filiae Israel super Saul flete qui
vestiebat vos cocino in deliciis qui
praebebat ornamenta aurea cultui vestro.
Quomodo ceciderunt fortes in praelio?
Jonathas in excelsis tuis occisus est!
   Daughters of Israel, weep over Saul who
clothed you in delicate scarlet, who
placed ornaments of gold on your garments.
How have the mighty fallen in battle?
Jonathan is slain upon your heights.
Quarta pars    Fourth part
Doleo super te, frater mi Jonathas, decore
nimis et amabilis super amorem mulierum.
Sicut mater amat unicum filium suum, ita
ego te diligebam. Quomodo ceciderun
robusti, et perierunt arma bellica?
   I weep over you, my brother Jonathan, very
lovely have you been to me, and beloved
more than the love of women. As a mother
loves her only son, so I delighted in you.
How have the mighty fallen, and the warlike
arms perished?

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