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Ad coenam agni providi
Guillaume DuFay
(1397 - 1474)
Recorded in Performance June 1, 2008
Collegium Cantorum
Conducted by Elizabeth Pontiff
Ad coenam Agni providi
et stolis albis candidi,
post transitum Maris Rubri
Christo canamus Principi;
cujus corpus sanctissimum
in ara Crucis torridum:
cruore ejus roseo
gustando, vivimus Deo.
   Awaiting the banquet of the Lamb,
and in brilliant white robes, after
the crossing of the Red Sea, let us
sing to Christ our Prince, whose
most holy body is immolated on the
altar of the Cross; tasting of his
rose-colored blood, we live in God.

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