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Vasilissa ergo
Guillaume DuFay
(1397 - 1474)
Recorded in Performance June 1, 2008
Collegium Cantorum
Vasilissa, ergo gaude,
quia es digna omni laude,
Cleophe, clara gestis
a tuis de Malatestis,
in Italia principibus
magnis et nobilibus.
   Royal Princess, therefore
rejoice, for you are worthy
of all praise, Cleofa,
illustrious through the
exploits of your kinsmen the
Malatestas, great and noble
princes in Italy.
Ex tuo viro clarior,
quia cunctis est nobilior;
Romeorum est despotus,
quem colit mundus totus;
in porphyro est genitus,
a deo missus coelitus.
   Your spouse has made you
more illustrious, for he
is even more noble than
you: the master of the
Romans whom the whole
world venerates; he was
conceived in the purple,
God's heavenly envoy.
Juvenili aetate pollens
et formositate volens,
multum genio fecunda
et utraque lingua facunda
ac clarior es virtutibus
prae aliis his omnibus.
   In the strength of your
youth, and in the splendor
of your beauty, richly
endowed in learning and
fluent in the other tongue,
you are yet more illustrious
for your virtues, above
those of others.
Concupivit rex decorem tuum,
quoniam ipse est Dominus tuus.
The king has desired your
comeliness, for he is your

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