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Nuper rosarum flores
Guillaume DuFay
(1397 - 1474)
Recorded in Performance June 1, 2008
Collegium Cantorum
Nuper rosarum flores
Ex dono pontificis
Grandis templum machinae
Hieme licet horrida
Tibi, virgo coelica,
Pie et sancte deditum
Condecorarunt perpetim.
   Now blossoms of roses, by
gift of the Pope though in
horrible winter, and a temple
of great ingenuity are piously
and in holy manner given to
you, heavenly virgin; let them
together perpetually adorn [you].
Hodie vicarius
Jesu Christi et Petri
Successor Eugenius
Hoc idem amplissimum
Sacris templum manibus
Sanctisque liquoribus
Consecrare dignatus est.
   Today has the vicar of Jesus
Christ and successor of Peter,
Eugenius, deigned to consecrate
this same most enormous temple
with his sacred hands and holy
Igitur, alma parens
Nati tui et filia,
Virgo decus virginum
Tuus te, Florentiae
Devotus orat populus,
Ut qui mente et corpore
Mundo quicquam exorarit.
   Therefore, sweet parent and
daughter of your son, virgin
[who are] the glory of virgins,
your devoted people of Florence
entreat you, that they, in mind
and body, may be granted what
they beg on earth.
Oratione tua,
Cruciatus et meritis
Tui secundum carnem
Nati Domini sui
Grata beneficia
Veniamque reatum
Accipere mereatur.
   By your prayer, and according to
the merits of the crucifixion of
the flesh of your Son their Lord,
may they be worthy to receive
gracious favors and indulgence
for their sins. Amen.
Terribilis est locus iste.
Awesome is this place.

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