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Anima mea liquefacta est
Guillaume DuFay
(1397 - 1474)
Recorded in Performance June 1, 2008
Collegium Cantorum
Anima mea liquefacta est ut dilectus locutus est;
quaesivi, et non inveni illum;
vocavi, et non respondit mihi.
Invenerunt me custodes civitatis:
percusserunt me, et vulneraverunt me,
tulerunt pallium meum custodes murorum:
filiae Jerusalem,
nunciate dilecto quia amore langueo.
   My soul melted when my beloved spoke;
I sought, and did not find him;
I called, and he did not answer me.
The guardians of the city found me:
they struck me, and they wounded me,
the guardians of the walls took my veil:
daughters of Jerusalem,
tell my beloved that I languish for love.
     -- Song of Songs 5:6-8

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