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Mittit ad virginem
Guillaume DuFay
(1397 - 1474)
Recorded in Performance June 1, 2008
Collegium Cantorum
Mittit ad virginem non quemvis angelum
sed fortitudinem suum archangelum
amator hominis.
Fortem expediat pro nobis nuntium
naturae faciat ut praeiudicium
in partu virginis.
   The lover of mankind sent to the Virgin
not just any angel, but his strength, his
archangel. May that angel declare for
us the mighty message, that he may
effect on nature God's foreordination of
birth to a virgin.
Naturam superet natus Rex gloriae
regnet et imperet et zyma scoriae
tollat de medio.
Superbientium terrat fastigia
colla sublimia calcans vi propria
potens in proelio.
   Let the King of Glory, being born,
overcome nature, let him reign and rule
and remove from our midst the weight
of the dross. Let him who is mighty in
battle frighten the proud on their
heights, treading in his might upon their
haughty necks.
Foras eiciat mundamum principem
matremque faciat secum participem
Patris imperii.
Exi qui mitteris haec dona dissere
revela veteris velamen litterae
virtute nuncii.
   Let him oust the worldly prince, and
make his mother a partner with him in
his Father's kingdom. Go forth, you
who spread these gifts, unveil the
ancient writings by the strength of your
Accede nuncia dic Ave comminus
dic plena gratia dic tecum Dominus
et dic ne timeas.
Virgo suspicias Dei depositum
in quo perficias castum propositum
et votum teneas.
   Give your tidings in person; say "Hail",
say "full of grace", say, "the Lord is
with you", and say "Fear not." O virgin
may you take up what God has entrusted
to you; thereby may you accomplish
your chaste intention and may you keep
your vow.
Audit et suscipit puella nuncium
credit et concipit et parit filium
sed admirabilem.
Consiliarum humani generis
et Deum fortium et Patrem posteris
in fide stabilem.
   The maiden hears and accepts the
message; she believes and conceives
and bears a son, a wondrous one: the
counselor of the human race, and the
God of the strong, and father to future
generations, one firm in faith.
Cujus stabilitas nos reddit stabiles
ne nos mobilitas mundana labiles
secum participem.
Sed dator veniae excessa venia
per matrem gloriae obtenta gratia
in nobis habitet.
   Whose firmness makes us firm, lest our
earthly wandering impede us from being
sharers with him. May the granter of
pardon, in His superabundant mercy,
once we have obtained grace through
the Mother of Glory, dwell in us.

Recording © Copyright 2008 Cantare, Inc. All rights reserved.

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