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Guillaume DuFay
(1397 - 1474)
Recorded in Performance June 1, 2008
Collegium Cantorum
Laetabundus exsultet fidelis chorus,
regem regum intactae profudit thorus,
res miranda.
   Joyfully the faithful chorus rejoices,
alleluia, the King of Kings is brought
forth from the womb of the immaculate
one, a wondrous thing!
Angelus consilii natus est de virgine,
sol de stella,
sol occasum nesciens, stella semper rutilans,
semper clarans.
   The angel of counsel is born of a virgin,
sun from a star, sun knowing no setting,
star forever shining, forever bright.
Sicut sidus radium, profert virgo filium
pari forma:
neque sidus radio, neque mater filio,
fit corrupta.
   As the star its ray, the virgin brings forth
the son in like manner: neither star by
its ray nor mother by her son is blemished.
Cedrus alta Libani conformatur hysopo
valle nostra;
verbum mens altissimi, corporari passum est
carne sumpta.
   The tall cedar of Lebanon is likened to
hyssop in our valley; the word, spirit of
the most high, underwent incarnation,
taking on flesh.
Isaias cecinit, synagoga meminit,
numquam tamen desinit
esse caeca
si non suis vatibus, credat vel gentilibus
sibyllinis versibus
haec praedicta.
   Isaiah sang it, the synagogue remembers,
yet will never cease to be blind if it
believes not its own prophecies, nor the
those of the sayings of the sibyls.
Infelix propera crede vel vetera
cur damnaberis, gens misera?
Quem docet litera, natum considera;
ipsum genuit puerpera. Amen.
   Wretched one, believe the ancient truth,
why would you be damned, miserable
people? Consider the son, whom
scripture teaches; the very one the
childbearer bore. Amen.
   -- Bernard of Clairvaux

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